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Kahraman is an Egyptian Arabic word for Amber.

Amber within the cultures of North Africa and the Near East has long been treasured for its beauty and healing properties and within its golden translucence a record of the past is preserved.

Kahraman, like Amber, strives to be a window to the past in the dynamic present through its presentation of
the dances of the Near East and North Africa. These Dances, like Amber, when polished and placed in a contemporary setting delight the eye, stir the emotions, and heal the heart.

Whether you wish to delight your eye with a performance or own its beauty with your body and soul through classes, Kahraman wishes you welcome, Ahlan wa Sahlan!

Fall 2018
Fall Session 1
August 20th - October 20th (9 weeks)
Special Beginner Session
September 10th - October 20th (6 weeks)
Fall Session 2
October 22nd - December 20th (9 weeks)
No class November 18th to 24th

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Use It or Lose It-Dancing Makes You Smarter
Musings by Richard Powers



For more information contact:

Artistic Director Marie Wilkes (aka Maleeha)
(319) 321-2876



Kahraman News Letter
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Artistic Director - Marie Wilkes (aka Maleeha)
(319) 321-2876

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