Nia Class

Kahraman Studio

Class Focus: Breathing – The Wholesome High

“Breath is our universal, natural connection to oneness. We all breathe, and we all share the same source of oxygen of Chi to maintain life.”

“The act of breathing smells the moment, smelling life! The ability to breathe into the right place and at the right times will make life easy, reduce tension and activation in the nervous system, and frees your dance movement.”

“Breath, chi¸ is a very special energy that runs through our bodies, much like the blood that runs through our veins. It is the chi or breath that nourishes every cell in the body. It is breath that gives and maintains life. As you dance and move, you stir up chi energy. Breath is the ultimate drug that changes the pharmacy within the brain and body.”

“Breathing can be used to quiet the nervous system so you can rest, or it can be used to elevate and increase the body’s level of excitation, giving you more energy. It is your connect to highs and lows.”


Use an exhale breath . Say “Yeet” or “No”, to support the spine while performing kicks or punches. The forceful short sound make breathing, natural protects the back and engages the abdominal muscles. They are a great release for the muscles and energy body.

Use “tongue to the tip of the palate breathing.” Exhale and place the tip of your tongue against the top roof of your mouth just toward your two front teeth at the palate. Keep the connect of the tongue to the roof of the mouth as you increase the length of your exhalation. Feel your breath and make a conscious physical connect to your hara. The hara is a 360 degree radial energy center located about two inches below the navel in the center of your pelvis.

Rosas, Debbie and Rosas, Carlos (2006). Nia Technique. Blue Belt. (Fourth edition). Portland, OR.