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What is Nia?

Get fit the body's way.  Combining carefully selected movements and concepts from Yoga, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Jazz, Modern Dance and other movement forms. Nia classes offer total-body cardiovascular conditioning and cross-training for any sport or activity.  All Nia movements are adaptable and can be personalized for any level of fitness and agility.  No Prior training is necessary. Everyone is welcome, so join us for Nia!  Experience the joy of movement and the benefits of moving your body. . . .the body's way.


Class Focus: Breathing – The Wholesome High

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What should I wear to class?

Wear cool, loose fitting clothing – exercise or yoga clothing, leotard and footless tights, full skirt, shorts or anything that makes you feel comfortable and free to move.

Go barefooted.  The bottoms of your feet sense the ground and send information back to your brain so your body can effectively compensate and adapt.  For your safety, take of your shoes or wear soft-soled shoes, such as gymnastic shoes.



What Nia Students in Iowa City say:


"NIA is the first exercise class I have ever stuck with in my lifetime. It's
the universal donor of the exercise world, fitting every body type, age,
limitation, strength. I move, I dance, I stretch, I bend, I undulate, I
twist, I jiggle, I sweat and I love it all because while I have the
advantage of being in a group I can proceed at my own level. I started out
as a rank beginner- out of shape, overweight, under motivated and I've been
dealing with a rotator cuff injury. I have transformed from a NIA-phyte to a
NIA-phile and now I can actually say those three somewhat little words that
I never thought I'd say: I love exercise. I'm also paying greater attention
to my body's needs and my injured shoulder is so much more flexible.
Equally important to me is that Marie is a teacher, not just a demonstrator so I'm

not left on my own trying desperately to keep up as I've felt in so many
other exercise classes. There is strength in numbers and the group's and
Marie's energies support and encourage me. I have found the perfect fit for
my exercise needs in NIA." 
		"Now if I could just find the perfect hairdresser..."
-Carol MacVey


In general, I’m not a huge fan of exercising. . . . . . always watching

the clock.   When I cam to Nia, the first time I looked at the clock

was in surprise, when we began to cool down.  I enjoyed myself

so much that the time flew by unnoticed.  Now I wish I could fit

more classes into my schedule.




Nia has been great for me.  I haven’t had any sort of organized physical

activity for 30years, but this I can do. 

I’m just so damned impressed that I can keep up!

 And it’s fun!


-Charlotte Warren